Sunday, June 17, 2007

One- no two- of life's observations

You know there has been a family birthday when on the day after, you go to the supermarket and all of the cheap read wine (non-cask!) has been sold out.

Then there is another:

Your wife watches you downloading to your MP3 player then as soon as you have the damned things in your ear, starts yakking to you- for the first time that day!

Here endth the lesson...

1 comment:

mojo said...

You're having a tough time of it mate ... & of course both are requisites for a healthy heart - the wine and the wife that is, not the whine. But then you wouldn't, would you?? I've seen guys previously surreptitiously move the hand up to the ears when being 'spousally spoken to' and turn off the switch. MP3's of course would involve turning up the volume ... Oswald, she's not having to compete with your bloody MP3 player is she??