Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nanny state medicating us 'for our own good'

Follic acid in bread- story here

Now I have an idea- why not take the damned stuff IF you are pregnant? - and leave the rest of us out of it!

While I'm at it- try planning your friggin pregnancy!

What next- prozac in our beer?- so we don't care what nanny does to us?

It would be for our own good, after all- you will be a lot happier!

That's what they told the tomcat too...


KG said...

Just drink the Kool-Aid Oswald and stop struggling!
Why the hell can't it be left to the people who are bloody pregnant to take responsibility for their own health?
I'm not effing pregnant and I don't want folic acid in my bread.

Anonymous said...

Just another Labour Intervention to add to the very long list.

Quite similar to Article 2 in that party's Constitution requiring Redistribution of Wealth.

Don't anyone say they are surprised by all this! It's in The Book!

KG said...

Barry, article two actually requires the redistribution of wealth?

Anonymous said...

Hi kg, I kid you not.

The NZ Labour Party Constitution:

Under Section 2 PRINCIPLES, Item 4 reads:
"Co-operation rather than competition should be the main governing factor in economic relations, in order that a greater amount and a just distribution of wealth can be ensured".
And further, Item 6 reads:
"All people either individually or in groups, may own wealth or property for their own use, but in any conflict of interest people are always more inportant than property and the State must ensure a just distribution of wealth".

Cactus Kate said...

Viagra in beer might be more helpful :)

The folic thing is ridiculous for the very reason that some intelligent group pointed out today - women likely to be down on folic DON'T EAT BREAD.

Large fat women eat loads of bread. Any woman conscious of their figure hardly goes near the stuff.

KG said...

Thanks Barry, I just copied that to use sometime in a post.
""Co-operation rather than competition should be the main governing factor in economic relations.."

MathewK said...

Thanks Cactus Kate, once again leftist plans blow up in their faces.

sweetpea said...

A woman would have to eat 11 slices of bread a day to get enough folic acid from that source.
When was the last time you came across a woman who ate that amount of bread?

Let's just stick to the pills.