Monday, August 11, 2014

Why we have stereotypes

"Two friends who defaced National party hoardings stood in court together as they pleaded guilty to wilful damage charges…"

Yep, exactly what you would expect. We have stereotypes and profiles because so very often they fit.


Anonymous said...

Exactly the types that I expected would be doing this stuff.

Oi said...

When in the Job, I used to keep my wife amused when waiting in our car at the curb in a strange town, by idly identifying all the PRNs as they slouched their way down the footpath

paul scott said...

Bloody good show, and here comes the slap from a wet green bus ticket Ostable it appears that the sign painters are working against their cause . I have told our sign people to guard signs, but it is hard to work day and night as you know.This will be a great victory friend, I look forward to great things from our NZ,today I am in Thailand market down South, and our apples have dominance. The little girls come round they say you New Zealand man,I be your maid, I faithfull forever; more later Ostable

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