Sunday, August 24, 2014

More lollypops

"National has announced an up to $20,000 kick-start for low and middle income couples who build a new home.
Speaking to a 2500 strong crowd at National's campaign launch in Auckland today, leader John Key said the new package would help about 90,000 first home buyers over the next five years…"

Do first time home buyers EVER buy/build  a new house?
In my experience, they buy a house in need of work. Lots of work! 
Because if the haven't just won lotto- that is all they can afford.

Or are we talking about one of these. (not that I would mind one)


PM of NZ said...

That $20K would give you a fully insulated glazed single container complete with necessary facilities. Readily available at recent FieldDays. The pictured 6-way stack would be pure luxury.

the conservative said...

Oswald, the first house I bought for $26,000 in Browns Bay, Auckland, at age 24~25 was a new one;I bought it during construction. In those days new houses were either cheaper or the finance was easier to get. I can remember getting a second mortgage and paying 18% for it.

And I must say it was way easier in those days. I watched Q+A this morning about the housing problem and neither Nick Smith nor Phil Twyford would go anywhere near mass immigration as the primary problem, or at least one of the main drivers.

Oswald Bastable said...

I recall when buying a new house as a first home was commonplace. Certainly isn't now. Unless you consider building in a lowlife infested suburb, not fit for human habitation.

paul scott said...

yes PM of NZ, but what about the land costs, I think you have the experience of a drip .
Ostable, as an ordinary person with only average mean, I have certainly found out what hard work a home is regardless of cost.