Monday, August 18, 2014

And yet they are kept defenseless

"A 33-year-old woman kidnapped at knifepoint in Whangarei has emerged from her ordeal shaken but unhurt.
She was parked in the Laurie Hall car park in the central city about 8.30am when a man threatened her with a knife, police said.
He forced her to drive to Mair Park, then to the ASB bank on Kensington Avenue, and the car park on Quay Street in the town basin…"
This is the later of a spate hijackings- the previous were beaten off. Yet, do the powers that be have anything to say about realistic self- defense?
Of course not.
Nice compliant sheep have no need to carry pistols, Mace or tasters. No indeed! somebody might get hurt!

I kind of thought that was the idea…


PM of NZ said...

No doubt another mob prospect looking for easy pickings. I noted the article stated it was a native, but not how much was removed from the bank (read ATM).

Who mentioned stereotypes?

KG said...

A squirt bottle full of ammonia is useful at close quarters.
Be damned to being unarmed and helpless in the face of thuggery.
I have little sympathy for people who refuse to defend themselves.
Better to face trial in a court of law afterwards.

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