Monday, August 04, 2014

There IS a better idea

"Reader V Francis writes in with a proposal for a record-breaking tourist attraction in Northland:
The impression I have is that the people of Whangarei would like to have something to draw tourists to Whangarei…"
Nice, but what we really need is more policing to keep the thieving bloody natives out of tourists (and locals) vehicles. The summer car park volunteers do a fantastic job- the program needs expanding and a bit more funding would go a long way. We are getting in the habit of carrying a few gold coins to give them a donation- it's well worth it to know your car will still be there and not ransacked after a trip to the beach.


Oi said...
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Oi said...

I recall the Bayview cop in Hawkes Bay mounting surveillance on a carpark at the start of a track due to theft x vehicles.

Sure enough, the scrote duly arrived complete with wife and kids in the car. While he broke in to a car, she kept the engine running - and when he was sprung, took off with the kids and left him bounding along to the rear, vainly attempting to catch up.
Pretty obvious why some kids have absolutely no chance of a decent life.

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