Sunday, August 10, 2014

Talk is cheap

"Labour is promising 1.7 million people - 40 per cent of the population - will be eligible for free doctors visits and prescriptions under a Labour-led government…"

It's easy to promise stuff when you know you won't have to deliver. The greens are even worse at this than liarbour. Anyone with a modicum of grey matter knows that there is either no chance of it happening or taxes go up for the few of us working.

I do a bit of it when kids ask if they can have an 80" inch TV or a playstation 4. My answer is-"yes- when I win Lotto". Difference is that I would deliver- and without robbing someone else to pay for it.

1 comment:

the conservative said...

But Labour will give your kids an 80" TV and a playstation 4 next election.

It's a promise; they look after everyone.