Monday, February 27, 2012

Just wondering

"A Palmerston North man who crawled into a burning house to rescue a baby was terrified at the time, but said he could not ignore the screams and pleas of family members.
The fire, which gutted the Wellesbourne St house in central Palmerston North, started about 7am today.
Inside at the time was a 16-month-old baby girl, a four-year-old boy and three adults, including the children's mother.
The adults and eldest child escaped out the back of the house, but the baby was trapped in a front room, separated from her family by a thick wall of smoke.
Neighbour Tony Selby, who lives in the sleepout behind the house, heard the adults screaming for the baby and rushed inside..."

OK, who abandons a burning house WITHOUT the baby? Or stands around outside wailing.
Should be trying or dying- that's what PARENTS do...


MathewK said...

God bless that fellow, and also the other neighbor who also tried but couldn't find the baby.

"OK, who abandons a burning house WITHOUT the baby? Or stands around outside wailing."

i join you in just wondering that too... i mean two neighbors were involved in the rescue of the baby while the family was wailing outside unable to even give directions, really?

Someone needs to ask that family those very questions, if not they themselves.

And maybe child services needs to open a file on this lot, just in case.

brian_smaller said...

Some people are victims. I read a study that showed that in disasters, if you survive the initial incident, those are left fall into three basic types. One goes catatonic and does nothing except blind panic, One goes into rote actions trying to ignore what is happening around them and the last are the people who will crawl through fire or do whatever is necessary. Until you are tested by a calamity you probably will never really know how you would react. Training, such as military and rescue personnel go through, obviously makes a huge difference in how people react to such incidents.