Friday, February 10, 2012

How low can you go?

"Wairarapa police are hunting a man alleged to have snatched a handbag in broad daylight from a 91-year-old woman in central Masterton yesterday.
Detective Sergeant Rob Rackliff of Wairarapa CIB said the woman is recovering from the morning attack that happened after she withdrew cash from the bank and travelled to the council buildings on her mobility scooter to pay her rates.
"As she was leaving the council buildings, a young male ripped her handbag from out of her hand before fleeing in a nearby vehicle..."

(Any bets on the profile of the offender?)
Police have narrowed the suspect's ID down to a list of about four thousand.


KG said...

Words fail.

Ronbo said...

I don't even have to guess that the victim was white and the criminal was "a person of color" who targets the elderly helpless to feed his drug habit.

During the Christmas holiday here in Seattle I was downtown shopping at Macy's and had just stepped outside when I heard a cry for help from an elderly white man who just had his videocam stolen by a young "African-American" running for a city bus and safety.

The criminal conspiracy may have actually worked except for the foot of a white lady that tipped up the fleeing felon who was quickly grabbed by an off duty cop and busted.

And, yes, the injured party, a resident of Arizona and U.S. Navy Vietnam War veteran, filed charges, went to the trial as witness and waved goodbye to the scumbag as he was loaded in the prison van for five years at Washington State prison.

Oi said...

I keep hearing Nat King Coles "Ballad of Cat Ballou" for some reason...... Something about "Theres a hanging-bee at Wolf City, Missouri?"

Oswald Bastable said...

'it's a hanging day-at Wolf City, Wyoming...'

Johnboy said...

Amazing that a dark man should attack under the cover of broad daylight.

Are the bastards learning the techniques of asymmetrical warfare?

Shaun McC said...

Strange fruit by Billy Holliday it was a better time back then

halod1 said...

Happened in front of me Dec 11. Once I'd caught him, his mate didn't appreciate the hold I'd applied. Both were wearing St Peters uniforms and began apologising profusely. (Clothing and language description = joke) Suffice to say if other good people had not appeared it was about to get much nastier. I'm now a David Fraser fan.