Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Drunken antics in London- who would have thought it possible

"...Kiwi Dylan Clements has filed a complaint with New Zealand High Commissioner Derek Leask, saying the drunken antics of those who participated in the annual event were an embarrassment to New Zealand.
About 4000 Kiwis took to the streets on Saturday to celebrate Waitangi Day, moving from one pub to another.
Clements said he was compelled to complain to the high commission after witnessing kiwis urinating on public monuments, vomiting and throwing snow at tourists..."
Shock- horror!
Public intoxication!
Drunken chanting and singing! (yes, i use the word loosely)
Pissing in the fountains and puking on the footpaths!
Who would have EVER though such things would be seen near the palaces of the mighty?

Apart from after a football match, anyway...


KG said...

Dylan Clements is a babbling dickhead. In the first place, it's none of his goddam business, in the second, what the hell does he expect the High Commissioner to do?

Oi said...

Strange that no Poms took exception - it took another NZer to whine about it.

Anonymous said...

He's obviously never seen the Church emptying out on an otherwise tranquil London Sunday morning with all of the above happening - every month. And shock/horror it includes Aussie and South African louts as well as those rough kiwis. I remember one summery morning it was so hot they were swimming in the fountains just to cool down after the heat of the Church.