Tuesday, February 21, 2012


"A run-down toilet block on the North Shore has become a gay meeting place with neighbours complaining of ''unsavoury activity'' there.
Steve Lindsey says the toilets on Bartley St, Northcote Pt, are listed online as a gay meeting place and the behaviour of people visiting there is getting worse..."
A dirty public crapper as a meeting place. What kind of mind choses that as a meeting place? it's not like they are forced to stay in the closet these days and there are bars, clubs and other more sanitary establishments chasing the pink dollar openly.
Or is there a NEED to keep it seedy and dirty for some degenerates...


Andrei said...

Now now Oswald, this is the 21st century and we are more enlightened these days - you just haven't caught on to what romantic spots public toilets are yet.

Ah the sweet smells of stale urine and feces, the damp floor and littered with soaking toilet paper.

Just the place for a romantic tryst - hopefully with condom which can then be discarded to join the other debris on the floor

KG said...

Yep..the "beats" as they're known are always going to be around because some homosexuals enjoy the sheer blind promiscuity of it all. And there are plenty of married bisexual males who find it a convenient way to do what they want to do without the risk of being discovered.

This is the ugly underbelly of homosexuality that the queer lobby and the media don't want publicised.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well I guess if you are going to stick your dick up some other guy's bum, a dirty stinking shit house as a venue makes some kind of sense.

Oi said...

At the risk of sounding an angstrom prejudiced, I cant think of a better place for the stumpers in our degenerating society to indulge in their deviant activities.

Just put up a few warning signs to keep the normal people away........


Now, now everyone.
But I agree with Oswald.
There is no place for such depravity out in the public too.
It would be as bad if straight people were doing likewise.
Some gays do let the side down with their filthy behaviour.

And yes, KG is right about those who swing both ways and keep things hidden from the missus.

Anonymous said...

If they weren't behaving like they do and where they do, they may well be in Parliament.


MathewK said...

"Or is there a NEED to keep it seedy and dirty for some degenerates."

I think there is, now that there is no discrimination against them except in their wild fantasies about marrying people of the same sex, i think they need to keep the fantasy going.

Oi is right - put up a few warning signs to keep the normal people away, especially children.

Oswald Bastable said...

And it would appear we have upset one of these arse-munching perverts!