Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taking out the Trash

There is a call for particular attention in policing to be directed at 'Crime Families'

I'm a great supporter of this.

Everybody knows that a hell of a lot of crime is committed by a very small proportion of people. This is really obvious in a small town!

As well as and alongside gangs, there are many well-known families associated with recidivist lifestyles. These scum are pure and simple parasites. They do nothing but take from decent society. THEY need to be policed to the full extent of the law.

Their cars stopped, checked and searched on a very regular basis. The same with their homes. Any bail conditions are constantly monitored. Every time one of them spits on the footpath they are arrested.

This needs to be carried out thoroughly, regularly and without letup. I continues regardless of them leaving town. It carries on until they get the message and straighten up.

The naysyers reckon it won't stop them- they won't/can't learn. Too bad. It's much harder to commit crimes when the police are continually watching.

In my book 'Human Rights' are lost when you choose to live outside decent society- and demonstrate this on a continual basis.

This lot could have used a bit of this treatment. I wonder if they would have qualified for 'special attention'...

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