Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Here are a few piggies to stick!

(Hat tip: Not PC)
  • Cindy Kiro's Office for the Children's Commissioner (she hasn't stopped the killing, has she)
  • Peter Dunne's Families Commission (ditto)
  • Paula Rebstock's Commerce Commission (AKA Communist Commission)
  • David Lange's Ministry for Women's Affairs
  • Jim Anderton's Ministry of Economic Development (the economy would develop quite nicely without Jim, thank you)
  • The Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs
  • The Ministry for Maori Affairs (let all 'their people' organise their own damn affairs)
  • The Race Relations Conciliator (have you noticed him successfully conciliating any races? No, me either)
  • The Ministry of Youth Development (let hoodie-wearers buy their own spray cans)
  • Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand
  • Asia New Zealand Foundation
  • Electricity Commission (nice work, guys, well done)
  • Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (ditto)
  • The National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women, part of Department of Labour (bet there's some unemployable women on this 'council,' right?)
  • The Department of Labour (let's see them work for their money)
This lot are A START! A more extensive list can be found here.

I would like to hear a few more piggies squealing come November!

The elimination of the lot above should help John Boy cut our taxes and stimulate the economy.

They should all be able to find work picking fruit at that time of year. Just remember- now it's going to be really important to wash your apples before eating!

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