Friday, October 10, 2008

Be prepared

Aftershock was well worth a watch, as was the follow-up program yesterday.

There is nowhere in NZ that is not at risk from being flattened by an earthquake. You get that living on a plate boundary!

Personally, my family is very well set up for a major event. Based on information I have got from involvement with several agencies, I geared up for three weeks plus- not three days. That estimate is pure optimism in the case of a major earthquake.

Certainly, those of us living in small rural towns would most likely be fending for ourselves as the bulk of outside resources are poured into the major cities. Unlike the townies we saw on tv, we have things like firewood supplies, experience at living outdoors and a bit of foraging is a way of life. Try potting a few rabbits for dinner in downtown Wellington!

Living in NZ, it's impossible to plead ignorance, should you be caught for your pants down in a disaster. You won't find any sympathy around here!

But I'm well enough set up to provide a feed for somebody who has no food.

Once they have payed their way splitting firewood, hauling water or digging a new dunny!


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