Friday, October 24, 2008

Quite free from the ravages of intelligence...

I was listening to a string of ignorant morons callers on the talk back today- but then I repeat myself!

Every time a cop shoots somebody a pack of wankstains come out of the closet, spewing forth on a subject they know zero about.

Some points:

  • Point a firearm, an airgun or a replica at police- expect to die.
  • Point a pointed stick or anything that may vaguely look like a firearm at police (in bad light)-expect to die.
  • This is not a rifle range. The target moves, so shooting at shoulders or knees is not an option.
  • People die from being shot in knees or shoulders. John Wayne never heard of hypovolemic shock, but everyone outside Hollywood is subject to it.
  • Bushmaster rifles don't have 'high-powered telescopes' on them.
  • The 'second chance' is given when the offender is ordered to put down the weapon.
  • The policeman who pulls the trigger will be subjected to a witch hunt the likes of which you cannot comprehend- and he knows this.
  • Replica or airguns cannot be distinguished from the real thing at a distance- and in a fraction of a second. Would YOU bet your life that it ain't a real Glock?
  • Were YOU sticking YOUR wide arse on the line that day?
  • Have you EVER put your wide arse on the line?
  • Would YOU rush somebody who may or may not have a loaded firearm- and is mentally unbalanced?


Ask Sergeant Don Wilkinson for an opinion about taking on an assailant armed with 'Only an airgun'

That would be a bit hard now, wouldn't it...

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