Friday, October 03, 2008

School holidays

Shouldn't have them! At least not as frequently as they do.

Let the little brats learn what's coming up later in life- they can have four weeks at Christmas and stat days.

Whinging bloody teachers need to learn what a year's work is all about too!

Hell, in place of the continual breaks they have now, the kids could have a 'sports week' where there is no classwork, just physical activity.

Every holiday we have a spate of vandalism about town. Today it was half the windows at a swimming pool smashed out and the other pool broken into, along with a whole lot of senseless damage to the parks & gardens.

A sort of PD for little shits that like to bust stuff up is one idea of mine. PD that involves the separating and sorting of recyclables at the local dump. Dirty and less than pleasant work, outside in the weather.

Holidays sorting beer bottles by colour might discourage them from breaking them on the road!

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