Friday, August 08, 2008

Where do they find their recruits now?

"...In the latest issue of the Police Association magazine Police News, Mr Bond said police needed fast, well-built and reliable vehicles, "but do they need to have such vast engines?"

Police seemed "hell bent" on maintaining vehicles which individually consumed more fuel than two of the latest diesel or biofuel engines put together, he said.

The time for driving the "archetypal gas guzzlers has surely come to an end," he said..."


Now when I summon the police, I want to see a car that arrives at warp factor eight and leaves a carbon footprint the size of friggin' Texas!

I want that car to have room for four 120kg coppers, a boot full of shotguns and a man-eating alsation!

If they turn up in a friggin' Prius with two featherweights and a poodle they can sod off- I'll do the bloody job myself!

If PC Plod knew anything about cars, he would know that those nasty sixes are not that hard on the fuel when you drive them economically and keep the boot off the floor. Which you would expect when they are being used for inquiry duties.

And when you need to MOVE you can. Who would want to be in a Suzuki van when suddenly somebody starts a shooting war...

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