Friday, August 22, 2008

ACT- you friggin' donkeys!

You do have to wonder what goes on in political circles.

When a minor party bumps a candidate- that people actually have head of before- way down the list where winning a seat would be like winning Powerball- you have to wonder what the fuck they are thinking.

Lindsay Mitchell has been the face of hard-core welfare reform for some years now. That's a tough role to take on in our PC-addled society and Lindsay has stood tall and faced down the emotive shrills with logic and well-researched arguments.

In business it is considered madness to dump an established brand. I can't see that politics is any different.

Over on her blog- and a few others- the ravings of some of the Actoid fanatics has taken on a tone as vile and contemptuous as the 'The party can do no wrong' dogma of The Standard's lickspittles.


I have previously thought the the hard-core Libertarianz attitudes towards ACT were over the top, given that we were (supposedly) moving in the same direction and had defended ACT on occasion. I may have been wrong.

It looks like they are entirely driven by the barometer of the polls and are following the example of the National *Smurfs*

But if this is so, they lose sight of the NZr's out there desperate for meaningful, radical change to gather way more than 5% of the vote.

Drop the delusion of trying to win more than a seat or two and shoot for that party vote.

Least YOU join the 'Wasted vote' parties, as you supporters put it...

* Smurfs- Blue on the outside, pink in the middle

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