Friday, August 29, 2008

Bugger the Banning Brigade!

"Wairarapa District Health Board smokefree co-ordinator Linda Spence is keen to see councils adopt smokefree policies in parks..."

Yeah, right. Empty bloody words.

Right now dogs crap in the parks, meatheads smash staff up and use them as their toilet. What do the councils do about this- put up a notice?

Every day I watch dogs on leads- or not- being lead past the 'No Dogs' sign, to run about and crap on the sports fields. You will never see the local council so-called 'dogcatcher' doing a damned thing about it. That's the same one that was convicted in court of stealing a dog whilst on the job!

Will the ratepayers be paying for smoking police that are equally useless?

Will DOC jump on the bandwagon and ban smoking in the national parks?

I'm quite partial to smoking a pipe or cigar while sitting under a shady tree. If their minions are partial to their insides remaining on the inside- best learn to distinguish Borkum Riff Cherry Cavendish- and walk the other way!

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