Thursday, July 24, 2008

What lesson here

"...A Rotorua man is facing his 19th drink-driving charge after being stopped by a police officer who allegedly saw him driving erratically.

The Rotorua Daily Post reported today the man, who was stopped last Wednesday night, has 18 previous convictions for drink driving and 22 previous convictions for driving while disqualified, dating back to 1971..."

I'm now Judge Dread AKA Minister of Corrections- Prison hasn't put him off. He won't/can't learn and as he is a threat to the public- it's preventative detention. Of course in my world that means a life of hard labour in a prison of my design. That's the camp that has all the rubbish of the island trucked in for separation and recycling.

SO- what would you do with this idiot?

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