Thursday, July 24, 2008

We need people at the bottom, too.

"...A third of all school leavers dropped out last year without getting level two NCEA and nearly one in five failed to make the qualification's most basic rung.

Thousands of dropouts risk becoming beneficiaries or getting low-paid casual jobs..."

So lower the god-damned leaving age to fourteen! Why waste time over-educating cracker-stackers, dunny-scrubbers, full-time breeders and friggin' dustmen. Hell, they are just pissing everybody who WANTS an education off.

News flash- Thanks to bar code scanners, Pak & Slave don't require a BA! (not that it's good for much more)

There is no disgrace in being a productive menial. I have more time for a farm labourer than a government policy analyst!

Of course if you are a girl and cute- there is hope for you so- go to the gym, learn how to eat with your mouth closed and try to articulate your words properly. Just as importantly- don't breed!

You may have a future as a trophy wife.

Lads- you are needed down in the ditch, but you are never going to get to bonk Cactus Kate.

But neither will most of us, so don't bother to hurt your brains studying. There are still plenty of less discerning girls out there who will bonk the 'C' list!

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