Sunday, July 20, 2008


I have been reminded of why I don't bother with auctions too much these days.

While 30% of the crowd will be others like myself- bargain hunters who have researched the market and know how an auction works- there is the problem of the other 70%!

My love of bargain- hunting and haggling is completely overcome by a wave of depression caused by being in the presence of so many fucktard dumbasses!

The clowns that bid retail price on an item without considering the auctioneer's commission only punish themselves, as do the cretins that have no idea of market value or get into a pissing war with another bidder.

Feckin' time wasters that set unrealistic reserves are more annoying, as they waste my bloody time. Hint- if it ain't a rare or unusual item, the reserve should not be the same as the retail price for the same item. Certainly not when the goods are second-hand! Why the hell am I going to buy a gun for $650 when I can go to a shop and buy a equivalent for near half that AND get a warrantee!

But such is the nature of auctions, and this is why people sell that way- PT Barnum's rule runs true!

The REALLY annoyance is the horde of old Doris's at the back of the hall who are there to treat the who affair as a big social function. They natter worse than a CWI convention- It was that bad I couldn't hear the auctioneer at times and missed a few items as I couldn't hear where the bloody bidding was at! (being a bit deaf doesn't help)

Selling alcohol at an auction might be good for the sellers but it does nothing to help the serious buyers.

I picked up some nice books for an excellent price, but for a days effort- well, next year I will give it a big miss.

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