Saturday, July 05, 2008

On transport...

Here is the big problem with the sudden increase in RUC's explained:

"...It's just another crippling blow, we're just getting used to fuel going up. The deal was they were supposed to give us a month's notice so we could put our rates up," Mr McAuley said..."

And there is the problem- non-business liarbour types can't comprehend that there is a time lag between having to pay the charges and when you can actually pass them on! During that time, the operators have to suck it up.

The liarbour cheerleaders are all crying- 'truckies must pay their true costs'

Quite right. Am I to understand that you NOW understand the principle of 'User Pays'?

And that now the 'For the Public Good' defense is now gone. Outstanding! All those who museums and orchestras can start looking to up the door prices and pass the true costs on!

Another point so far overlooked regards this:

"...Transport Minister Annette King said notice of the increased charges was withheld because when it was given in 2007 there was a $17.5 million mass pre-purchase to beat the cut-off..."

Now usually when somebody pays in advance, a discount is in order! Having that money early has got to be worth a few points.

Any business would love customers pre-paying.

But nanny state is insatiable!

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