Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Least We Forget...

Least We Forget:

Men & Women doing a job- of their own free will or conscripted- doing a job that terrifys them.

The ease with with which goverments send their citizens off to die.

The sacrifices others have made, for the freedom to be an outspoken arsehole.

The lives cut short.

The great holes left in small communities.

Those who still can't talk about it.

Those who would use the dead to score political points.

The children who lost a father, or who's father was never the same after.

The maimed.

Those who went to a premature grave.

The ones the government convienently ignored, until there were only a handful left.

The government denial & lies.

The bravery.

The life-long friendships made.

What war REALLY is.

When a war needs to be fought.

The cost.


Cactus Kate said...

Helen forgot.

KG said...

she meant to remember, but slept in.

ZenTiger said...

Well said.