Monday, April 30, 2007

Darwin was RIGHT

Another dumbfuck proves Darwin was right.

I'm always pleased when one of these cretins kills himself without taking somebody with him.

But as we are in New Zealand, I must find somebody else to blame!

We have this habit now of cocconing kids and NEVER let them take a risk. They can't climb trees and break their arms & legs, play bullrush or branding, ride bikes without helmets or in jandels, make bows & arrows or shanghis, play with Double Happys or have campfires.

So what do they do when they cut the apron strings?

They go bloody nuts, not having learned that the tarmac is hard and rips your skin. Tha Newtons law hurts. Or that a kiss and a cuddle won't make a severed spinal cord better.

So I must split the blame.

Nanny is not your friend in the big game of life.

And stupid people miss life's small lessons of stubbed toes more than smart ones do.

Nanny can't see the big picture.

Darwin does.


Unknown said...

Natural selection - [a la Darwin]via the stubbed toe theory.
Remembering fondly the climbed trees - to flying off the hay barn roof [with fortuitus piles of hay 20 feet below.] Tunnels to China - and the odd foray up the farm to shoot rabbits- with a shotgun, aged 12.
Still got all my limbs - and not a bad driver either.
Nanny states? - how about parents that educate, respect their kids need to explore, but care as well.

Anonymous said...

Darwin sees a picture but its not the big one. You can have ooze and slime in the family tree but I don't. Nanny state paints its own picture and its a forgery as well.

Shout Above The Noise said...

This fuckwit who ran from the cops was killed, nobody else was harmed - I can't see the problem there.

MathewK said...

BMW make really nice cars for driving enthusiasts, but often people mistake that for being fool-proof and find out the hard way.

A 730i is such a nice car, what a loss.