Sunday, April 01, 2007

A gadget people will happily pay for!

Teen repellent arrives in NZ

"A device with a high frequency mosquito-like sound used to dispel crowds of trouble seeking teens has arrived in New Zealand and is likely to be available within days.
Called The Mosquito, it has caused a stir overseas after it was developed in the United Kingdom last year, the Sunday Star-Times reported today..."


And of course we have the inevitable whining soft-cock:

"Auckland Council for Civil Liberties Barry Wilson told the newspaper anything that indiscriminately prevents a group of people from coming or going in a public place was "undesirable".
"If (the young people) are gathering in such a way to be threatening there are other areas of the law to deal with that."

It's called property rights, dickwad!
The right to decide who you want and DON'T want on yours.

As for the last sentence- that would have to be another Tui Ad!


Oi said...

As I recall, retailers had resounding success repelling repugnant teens some months back, by playing Barry Manilow over the complexes sound system.

[Mind you, I have to say that would repel me also - and its over 40 years since I was a teen........]

Anonymous said...

Ahem. Check the date people .............

Oswald Bastable said...

Yes, but this gadget has been around for a while in the UK.