Saturday, April 14, 2007

Election funding rorts- Liarbour style

Hat Tip: Murray McCully, MP

The Union Money-Go-Round

"The carefully leaked versions of Labour’s new electoral funding proposals are very clear about one matter: the new rules will not apply to trade unions. The Labour plan is to restrict the National Party’s ability to raise money, restrict opportunities for other organisations to run campaigns in support of the National Party or its policies, but leave the unions free to do the Labour Party’s dirty work for them. Robert Mugabe would be proud.

That, in itself, would be bad enough. But it gets worse. The very same unions that the Labour Party wants to exempt from the new electoral spending rules are the very grateful recipients of…. wait for it….. yes, STATE FUNDING. Very large amounts of state funding in fact..."

Link to the story.

So while we are rightfully getting wound up over proposed changes that will enable Liarbours snout to get further into the public trough- legally- this rort has been going on!

All while these contemptible scum are screaming 'Foul' over those donating their own EARNED dollars to other parties!

Why the hell isn't THIS on the front pages of all the newspapers? (retorical question- no need to supply the obvious answer!)

We are in trouble folks! The apathy of the sheeple and the denial liarbourite minions is dragging us slowly but surely into a very bad place...



Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed this trend of running with a particularly untastefull piece of legislation, milking it for all its worth (winding us up and distracting us) and just when it cant get any worse and is about to become law, it gets burried for the next piece, and on we go... we cant continue to fight on all fronts, we need a decisive breakthrough that will force the enemy to draw all it's resources into one action, in short, John boy needs to grab Helen's short and curlys (disgusting, I know) and not let go 'till the bitch gives in.

KG said...

He's the wrong "man" for the job, Leonidas. What we're faced with now is a choice between Labour and Labour lite and neither of the bastards have any principles.
as Oswald says:
"We are in trouble folks! The apathy of the sheeple and the denial liarbourite minions is dragging us slowly but surely into a very bad place..."
Too bloody right!
Heard Key mention the legislation National would repeal if they gain office? No?
Me neither. Which says it all.

Anonymous said...

kg, Way too soon mate,

If Labour is not what you want, then I expect that the Greens are not your choice either..
This only leaves the Winston 1st, or United and they are fading fast.

John Key will not provide H1 and H2 with any ammunition until it is too late for them to shoot him with it..

Would you, if placed in his position, facing such a marvellously intelligent, hard working resourcefull and utterly ruthless person like Helen.
Who just happens to be demonstrably corrupt..

John Key is not worried that you are getting 'twitchy', the more people that echo your sentiments, the better.
What he needs is for you and others to make such a noise that the average unconcerned 'sheeple' type New Zealander, to wake up and say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..

KG said...

Good point, David. Let's hope the theory is right, although since around 90% of Kiwis object to the anti-smacking legislation for example, I can't see what Key would have to lose by promising to repeal it.

Oi said...

I dont think Keyes has the numbers to repeal that particular item - a number of his team support it.
Dont they have to have more than a simple majority to repeal legislation?

Anyway, who is this Keys fellow? Wasn't he on the news a few months back?
Hevn't heard anything from him since.