Monday, November 13, 2006

This is a disgusting travesty of 'Justice'!

"An Auckland gunshop director who shot a machete-wielding intruder threatening to kill him is to face a firearms charge.

Police said today they would charge the man with possessing a firearm without lawful, proper or sufficient purposes.

They did not name him but it was believed to be Greg Carvell, 33, director of the Small Arms International gunshop in Penrose..."


This is a bloody disgrace- that a man is charged for defending himself and others against a nutter!

He should have gotten a community service award- not this outrage.

I have often stuck up for the police when they have had to shoot some craphead, but only in the same way I have supported anyone who has made the call to defend themselves . The police have no special claim on the right to defend themselves. Indeed, they are better trained and equipped than the average citizen.

I'm reading between the lines here and guessing that the heat has come from above to charge Greg Carvell.

After all, the powers-that-be can't stand the idea of us standing up for ourselves...


So, it seems the police did not want to charge him!

It was the crown law office

Now who is pulling THEIR strings?


Dave said...

I'm with you. Let's march on Parliament....
Nah, they're a pack of dickwits...

Unknown said...

Lets launch an armed assault on parliment.

Get ramming there Oz.

I'm going to need a pile of 20 kg rocks.

Scotty said...


I hope he is cleared.

Lucia Maria said...

I wrote a post on this too, and most of the comments were on how the guy broke the law and the law is the law you know.

Anonymous said...

Blah Blah. let him have his day in court, no jury of his peers will find him anything other than NOT GUILTY. And the law is made to look an ass again. The only downside is his legal costs which I am sure somebody will cover. He would have been better to shoot the real crim in the head

Unknown said...

I'm with Russel on this - the only thing Greg Carvell did wrong was miss everything vital.

Deadman said...

"Beckham was allegedly demanding guns and threatening to kill Carvell and co-worker Bruce Motley with a 3-foot (just under 1 metre) machete when he was shot, at about 10am on July 27."

Well, perhaps there's the problem, you see. Maybe the legal cutoff point for a machete-as-deadly-weapon is 1 meter and over. So really, Carvell used excessive force on Beckham.

I'll bet that Carvell fellow is Israeli, too!