Monday, November 20, 2006

Section 59 amendment- when NZ lost the plot...

Anyone who can't differentiate between smacking and beating is a retard that needs their reproductive organs torn out with a boathook!

If you are unable to seperate a swat across the arse (Usually well-padded) and a thrashing that requires hospitalization, I sincerely hope you never reproduce. We don't need those genes anymore than we need those of the crapheads who beat their kids to death.

I'm a great believer in using what works and I don't believe smacking is very effective- unless used extremely sparingly it has no shock value. But a swift whack on the arse can be very effective if it is saved for certain circumstances- say running onto the road or playing with the power point.

This sort of FUBAR law tends to come from those pacifist cowards I have previously blogged about.

Here is an experiment to try. Next time someone says there is no excuse whatsoever to use violence- punch them on the nose!

Want to bet that they will turn the other cheek?


Swimming said...

New Zealand hasnt lost the plot - justa few MPs on a select committee

Anonymous said...

Dave, if just a "few MPs on a select committee" succeed in getting the law changed--against the wishes of a majority of Kiwis, then New Zealand has lost the plot.
Because when the wishes of an activist elite can overturn the expressed will of the majority, then we're being ruled, not governed.
Which means that we no longer have parliamentary democracy.

Anonymous said...

we are being tarred with what is predominantly a polynesian problem.
Take the polynesian/ maori stats out of the national figures and i bet we are doing pretty well on all levels when compared to other countries
Nobody is advocating violence against children but this mmp system of govt has allowed well organised scum to take over.
Can anybody see the likes of lefty filth bradford ever winning an electorate? Of course not. Blame lies fairly at the feet of all the sheeple that rejected FPP and went for MMP

Murray said...

Russell... are you actually my father?

He said the same thing this afternoon.

I have to say solid point.

Try saying it at farrars and the lefties will spin off into the stratosphere squealing racist racist.

Deadman said...

Um, isn't playing with the powerpoint self-correcting?

Anonymous said...

Murray, not your Dad. common sense comments are normally unwelcome when discussing why we are figuring so highly in all negative oecd stats. I don't have any trouble commenting because I have only been here 20 years so am not burdened with the ridiculous deification complex towards all things not white that most kiwis suffer from. The stock response when questioning anything here seems to be to spray the racism word around like a mad ladies piss, thus shutting up everybody up.

Unknown said...

Well there's a mental picture.

Anonymous said...




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