Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Over Here at Mark's there is mention of class reunions and an opinion that they aren't worth bothering with.

My opinion was that they could be fun, if only the sneer at those still on the minimum wage or see the little miss pretty types that had such high opinions of themselves that are now fat & fugly!

I did go to a reunion once- twice actually, but one was an army one and I had only been out five years.

The more *interesting* one was a reunion of my old neighborhood and that was people I hadn't see since I was 18- 25 years previously!

I had to actually admire a lot of these people- they may have been 'entry point middle class' but had done very well against the odds- coming from backgrounds that are now used to justify all forms of foul behaviour. They had married and stayed married, raised inoffensive kids and brought houses.

But talk about stuck in a time warp! Most of them lived either in the same street or within a couple of k's from where they started life- and I don't think they ever travelled more than a few hours from there!

There were three of us who had actually travelled about, worked in jobs that paid more than the average wage and had some experience of life outside of an NZ suburb. Done things that I had taken for granted- flown across the world, sailed around NZ, walked through most of our national parks, flown in helicopters, gotten pissed in the best hotels on the expense account.

This was TV world for these people!

There are a shitload of people like that out there.

And I'm glad I'm not one of them

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Deadman said...

ITA, Oswald - A lot of my neighbors are like that, and I thank god I'm not also!

i don't get people that don't want to travel, and I mean ones that can afford too!