Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Community's Problem, who's fault?

I have been hearing much waffle about how the community needs to be responsible for youth offending.


I refuse to accept one iota of responsibility for some crap-head's bad behavior. The offenders must take the heat for their offenses. Most of their parents could use a size 12 up the arse too!

OK, so most of us are not responsible for their anti-social carrying on. Many would LIKE to take some responsibility in dealing with it, regardless.

BUT, the same crowd stating 'we' must take ownership' are the same arseholes that have made it impossible to actively do something tangible about people's anti-social behavior!

All to often, someone when driven to their wit's end by crapheads has thumped one or put a loader into there shitbox racer wannabe car- and it's straight into the dock!

In my town, we have less than a handful of persistent vandals. Their parents won't discipline them, but there are many here ready to dispense some rough justice (the only sort they understand) Of course, they do not- they have too much too lose, when the powers-that be descend upon them, with all the power of the courts- in a way they seem unable to do with these young criminals or their totally useless drug-addled parents.

If the grey shoe wearing, trying to be gay, bleeding heart whale-hugging policy makers hand the power back (yeah, right!), they community WILL deal with the problem. In the way it used to do- with a clip round the ears or a policeman's boot up the arse, at a young enough age for it to matter.

And tar & feathers for those who won't learn!


Lippy said...

Wouldn't it be great? Maybe then you could defend yourself on your own property from violent attack and... oh my goodness... have it seen as self-defence, not assault! But no, the Liberal Left Anything Goes Brigade are desperate to protect the horribly wronged criminal cos they had a crappy childhood. Or whatever. Hang on while I find a bucket...

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