Thursday, October 06, 2005

Why don't kids swim?

Once upon a time, when parents knew what was best for their children, there was a push to get pools in schools, so kids could learn how to swim. They had swimming lessons at school and access tot he pool over summer for a very modest cost.

This worked fine for several generations.

Then along came the compliance-obscessed snivel servants, who decided that pools were cess-pools of bacteria and had to be constantly tested and monitored.

Never mind that the health problems caused by pool water were less than drinking the stuff from the tap!

Now kids are sheltered from bertie germ- the school pools are all closing, due to compliance costs, but that's OK- our kids won't get sick from pool water.

They just drown instead...

And the grey-shoe wearers attention turns to sweet, fatty and salty food in schools...

1 comment:

Lippy said...

Aaarrgh! I hate, loathe and despise those leftie, liberally, snivelly servants. Curse their dead-fish eyeballs!

If it wasn't for learning to swim in school pools, I'd be dead. Several times over. So would my sister.