Monday, July 11, 2005

Intolerant New Zealand- awwww!

So we have 'become' an intolerant lot in NZ. Well spank my ass and call me Charlie!

Haven't we always been? It has just been painted over with the PC cultual brainwashing that has spread like a sick cow's shit, since the '70's!

Intolerance is a good thing!

Why should there be any moral self-satisfaction in being 'Tolerant' towards sick, fundie cultures, criminal recidivists, power-tripping politicans and nations, fascist murderers and despots that all want to impose their beliefs on us all?

How to deal with them-in the unabridged words of General Patton "Grab him by the nose and kick him in the balls!"

The god-bothers can use the 'turn-the other cheek' crapola. I call it the 'Bend over and squeal like a piggy' approach. That's what they will do to you if you 'tolerate' them!

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