Saturday, July 09, 2005

What the hell is going on here!,2106,3339593a11,00.html

A psychiatric patient who clubbed his father to death with a baseball bat two weeks after being freed from compulsory care is suing health authorities for $180,000.

Why the fuck should this loon get a cent!

The heath authorities may have screwed up big time, but let's not lose sight of what happened.

He beat his father to death with a baseball bat.

The only thing he should have coming is a 9mm lobotomy!

The cost of keeping the crazies locked away might be high, but what is the real cost of having them at large? It's huge- the serious crimes aside, these people commit a shitload of 'nuisance' crime and tie up the police, who could be doing other things (though that would probably be collecting more speeding fine money...)

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