Sunday, July 17, 2005


What is it about auctions that makes otherwise rational people take leave of their senses?

I sent the last couple of days at a Antique firearms auction and watched crap sell for the new retail prices- unbelievable!

Before going to an auction, I do my homework and study up an the prices of new and second hand goods. On the day, I go and inspect the goods and determine WHAT THEY ARE WORTH TO ME.

Now lets face it, we go to these noisy crowded and uncomfortable affair to get a bargin- right?

WRONG! I continually watched people (predominantly stupid old men) pay over retail for goods and that was before paying the auction percentage of 6% +GST on top of that!

My advice is, if you can afford to pay top dollar, fuck off and make a shopkeepers day. Leave us bargin hunters to find them!

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