Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Space Shuttle resumes flights soon

Next launch scheduled for Thursday, NZ time. I can't help but admire those men & women who work their arses off to get into something so inherently dangerous and I salute them!

IMNSHO, space travel is the future of us all- the spin-offs from the space program so far have been incalulable.

That's why my blood starts to boil (at S.T.P.-if you have to ask, you should have paid attention at school), when I hear assholes going on about-'the cost'- the poor need the money more.

Fuck the poor!- I can't see why science should be held up, because Africa is a basket-case continent that needs to be totally depopulated and turned into a game park or some lowlife in Otara drank the rent money again!

Viewing the big picture, we need to get of this rock and spread out. Mankind NEEDS the challenge, If we are going to survive, in the long term.

The shuttle crews are the ones that literally are putting their arses on the line for us all. The thought of climbing into that thing surrounded by some of the more volitile chemicals on earth would scare the bejesus out of me. But I would accept a seat on-board in a heartbeat!

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