Saturday, October 08, 2016

garbage out, garbage in

Or is that garbage in, garbage out? It doesn't really matter with local body elections.

I'm positive that for the main part, anyone standing for public office should be automatically excluded from it.

There are exceptions to all things, but what I mainly see are those with a particular axe to grind (usually to their own benefit) or the 'Look at ME!' types.

At least the second category does less harm, while they do no good.

One thing particularly bothers me. They rarely declare their political stance- only those where they are known to belong to a political party and cannot hide it seem to declare. I think a trough slurper candidate's voting history should be out in the open.

Sure would affect my voting!

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Anonymous said...

Sadly in our district the deadheads that were on the wrong side of a few scandals, including giving the last CEO an undeserved golden handshake, have been rewarded by the voters.