Monday, October 03, 2016

An idea

I have a new idea for making money helping people.

I now offer my services as 'Lotto Winner Coach'.

The idea is I help you keep your winnings by teaching you how to say 'NO!', in an assertive manner.

Much of this saying 'NO!" will be to yourself.

I will also teach you options: DON'T go out for dinner, but Do buy that nice piece of steak.

Don't stick it in that little darling- hire a professional by the hour- much cheaper in the long run.

Reasonable fees, available all hours.


paul scott said...

Only now you tell me about little darling.. . Look Mum he's got a long white nose must be a Jewish banker. He can look after the entire village then die, we burn him up, see the smoke, very nice.

TDP said...

Bahahaha That is awesome!