Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Injuries incompatible with living

Why do the gibbering classes have difficulty with this phrase.

It means that someone is so fucked up they cannot possibly live.

The head has been detached from the body.
The body is cut roughly (or exactly) in half.
There are no pieces left that are bigger than a potato.
The body has absorbed so much electrical energy that it is on fire.
Most of the victim is now inside a large mammal/reptile fish.
The deceased is now flatter than a pancake rolled out by driving an M1A1 Abrams over them until the fuel ran out.


KG said...

Seems a perfectly reasonable expression to me, but remember we live in an age where conspicuous public demonstrations of grief are required. Feigned grief is just fine, since its purpose is to imitate empathy and virtue.

Irish said...

Hi Oswald... any damage in your area from the quake?

I just saw it on the news..

paul scott said...

I don't like the sound of that M1A1 thing, squelch.

Jelly said...

What inspires you to write this poetic lines?

BadFrog said...

IN the UK, this is described by first responders as 'FUBAR BUNDY' - Fucked Up Beyond Any Recovery But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet

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