Friday, August 26, 2011

Wowsers on the warpath

"...After almost 9000 submissions on the Alcohol Reform Bill, the justice and electoral select committee recommended 130 changes, which the Government has agreed to implement. The main changes will:

Explicitly prohibit convenience stores from selling alcohol

Restrict supermarkets and grocery stores to displaying alcohol and advertising in one, non-prominent, area of the store..."

I declare today- and every other day- as 'Wack a Wowser Day'

Here is a wild idea- hold those who cause problems whist pissed completely responsible for their actions. Bill them for police and medical costs for being a friggin' drunken nuisance, wasting taxpayers money and apply the full penalties of law for any criminal acts!

Make no mistake here. These wowsers are on the road to prohibition- if you doubt that- look to what is happening to those who's pleasure is the tobacco leaf...

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