Monday, August 29, 2011


"...Key said he was in favour of liberalising the rules around media reporting of suicides.

Currently media can report that a death was self-inflicted but not the method or any details.

While acknowledging it was a contentious point - opponents are worried reporting increases copycats - Key said the restrictions were not working.

"In the modern world what is ridiculous is we're tying the media up very tightly but actually in reality, with the social media and the like, if somebody commits suicide, a young person, I'll guarantee within half an hour to an hour there'll be a major Facebook site..."

There can be NO reason for censoring news that does not affect national security.

I believe it has less to do with fear of 'copycats' and more to do with taboo and superstition. People are uncomfortable with talking about suicide, so it has been decreed that all talk in the media is to be suppressed.

Do we put a blanket ban on reporting child abuse in the media, too? That is just as disturbing.

How about censoring all stories of death through driving badly, to avoid 'copycats'?

It just don't make sense...

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