Friday, August 19, 2011


I have noticed that a certain testicularly-challenged variety of Troll likes to label all who comment on matters martial to be 'Armchair Warriors'- because 'they know the type'.

Isn't that clever! You know absolutely NOTHING about a poster and can tell they are phony!

I put my powers of divination to the test and scrying the Troll from afar, I see a pallid fat boy, prematurely balding who lives on Diet Coke, Cheese Balls and Mars Bars. His abode is a squalid bedsit or more likely, a room in his long-suffering parents home. He doesn't like to go outside.

He has never actually met a real live blogger and never will be invited to do do. Same goes for meeting a woman.

For that, the gene pool is thankful.

Easy, this profiling business!

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