Thursday, August 25, 2011

More PC claptrap

"A coroner is calling for compulsory spot checks of children from birth to the age of five to ensure they are safe and to avoid a repeat of the "horrific" death of toddler Nia Glassie...

....Mr Bain went on to say that New Zealand had one of the ''very worst records'' in the Western World in terms of how it treated its children on a comparison of education, deprivation, suicide and infant mortality.

''The evidence is crystal clear. New Zealand has a huge child abuse problem. It is sickening that it takes a case like Nia Glassie and all of the things that happened to her to act as a final wake up call...''

It appears the coroner doesn't have the balls to to say WHERE the problem REALLY is. And it's not with All NZ parents.

How about targeting those who are by far more likely to fit the profile? Anything else is a waste of resources (all in the name of being PC)

Maori and on a benefit.

There is your group to monitor.

Now grow a pair and say it!

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Anonymous said...

It will make no difference. If they had even a smidgen of decency they would confront it but they don't and won't. A culture that sees a demon under every bush and an ancestor in every impressive tree can't begin to exorcise their own. Until they dump the voodoo bullshit that governs their lives they are going no where. What's worse is that the treaty makes this absolute bollocks a partnership issue.