Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whiny little darma queens

"The initiators of a Facebook page dedicated to convincing a Wellington boys' college to let a student attend the school ball with a male date have taken the page down.

The Facebook 'event' originally called "Get Malcolm Pimentel and Keith Labad to the St Pat's Ball" captured headlines and attracted more than 12,000 supporters in 48 hours.

Although it didn't reach its goal of convincing Wellington's St Patrick's College to allow Malcolm to bring his friend former St Pat's student Keith Labad to the ball, the pair see their mission accomplished as the page had "inspired others who often remain silent to speak out"..."

This had bugger-all to do with ANY matter of principle.

IMNSHO, it was ALL about 'Look at ME' and 'I'm being controversial', by playing the PC discrimination card.

When these attention seeking brats do this, schools reap what they have sown...

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Anonymous said...

Could it be this was some form of "hook" for the new Glee movie as it bears a striking resemblence to a recent Glee episode.