Saturday, June 18, 2011

A slow learning curve

"In the future Shane Christiansen will stick to well-lit roads when thumbing a ride at night.

The 36-year-old Featherston man was struck by a car at 6pm on Wednesday while hitchhiking north on State Highway 2 near Tauherenikau - the second time he's been hit in two years.

"I remember walking along and I usually turn when I see lights and put my thumb out then I don't know what happened," he said at Wairarapa Hospital yesterday where he was rushed by ambulance..."
(Bold mine)

Some mothers do have 'em!

For those who don't know the road, the only light where Einstein managed to get in front of a car is moonlight. And the moons wasn't out then- I know that as I drove past the scene. Two fire engines, two police cars and two ambulances. Want to work out what THAT cost us before zippy the wonder slug even got to the ED?

Third time's the charm...

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