Thursday, June 09, 2011

What's more annoying- boozing beneficiaries or beggers

A letter on 'get used to the sight of beggars' appears in the DomPost.

It is a dig on the current crackdown [Insert Tui ad here] on beneficiaries and how the poor dears will be forced into beggary as a result- thus we need to get used to the sight of them.

As if we never had pro mendicants. They were either supplementing their taxpayer rorting or were so useless they couldn't even be arsed jumping the very small hurdles (about as hard as jumping a wet noodle) that WINZ put in their way. (I add an exemption here for the genuinely and not self-inflicted mentally ill cases out there.)

In any case, I prefer the sight of beggars to beneficiaries boozing on the front lawn while I'm working. I see a LOT more of these than beggars.

I'm hoping, but not expecting, to see a reversal of this situation...

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