Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Not it isn't

"Corrections Minister Judith Collins wants to shut down Wellington's Mt Crawford Prison - which she called a disgrace.

The prison, which was built in 1927, holds about 120 prisoners and is located next to the suburb of Miramar. It was temporarily closed from June 2008 until July 2009.

Speaking at the weekend, Collins said prison officers did "their very best in very difficult, Dickensian situations"..."


All the cells have running water and flush toilets- along with power and heaters- exactly how is that 'Dickensian'?

Dickensian implies buckets to crap in, no heating, damp and vermin-infested. (aside from the two-legged variety, which sort of goes with being a prison)

Sure- it's old, drafty and ugly. it's a prison- not the friggin' Park Royal.

It was a much better place to work than the modern electronic-everything wings at Rimutaka.

And we did have a waiting list to get in!

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