Thursday, September 16, 2010

Village of the Damned not just a movie about a bunch of creepy cuckoos!

It's a name that fits my experiences of life in Christchurch.

As the old line goes-'it was the best of times and the worst of times'

On the plus side- it is a nice city and has almost everything one would want in a small area. A fantastic central park area, a huge variety of great dining and bars. I got by for years without the need for a car as everything was so close, as I lived on the edge of the four avenues. I had some great times with some damned fine folks, but it seemed to be a town of extremes.

Life is the suburbs was not so great and all the flats I had there were nasty, cold uninsulated and damp. The weather is raved about, mostly by the locals who are indeed raving.

The winter is cold and damp, with freezing fogs, frosts, smog and howling southerlies.
The summer is hot, with the howling north-west wind that sucks the life out of you and drives everyone mad (madder would be more accurate) with it's extremely low humidity.

The denizens have the gall to go on abut 'Windy Wellington', which actually has a far more even climate!

But it's the parochial peasants that earned the city it's sobriquet.

Tight-fisted employers
Two-faced backstabbing snakes
Brain-dead shit-kicking wannabees
Pretentious assholes
Provincial putzes
Lying, evil bitches
and the freeloading, mooching lowlives that thrive in this town.

I know they are everywhere, but DAMN!- I met and had to work with a LOT of them down there!

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