Monday, September 27, 2010

Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables

"Removing GST from fresh fruit and vegetables is the first of Labour's election policies aimed at reducing the cost of living for low income families, leader Phil Goff says..."

Now where do I start on this one?

Nine years in power and your mob refused to touch this one. It's on the table now as you know you don't have a prayer of bumping off the other socialist mob.

Now I see there is a not-so-cunning plan to gouge the tax back elsewhere:

"...Labour estimated the loss of tax revenue at around $250 million which could be met by increasing tax on tobacco...."

Of course 'the poor' are so good at putting the need for fresh fruit for their offspring ahead of their desire for fags [insert Tui ad here]

All this overlooks the fact that:
  • Fresh fruit and veg are dirt cheap in NZ - especially the basics like apples and cabbage.
  • Vegetables are very easy to grow.
  • Many of 'The poor' can't be arsed shopping around, don't eat fruit and veg outside of a pie and probably wouldn't eat them if they were free now.

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