Friday, September 03, 2010

Pointed sticks are special

"A man has been jailed for four years ten months for striking a woman with a taiaha, a long-handled club, he was carving - a blow that caused a 13cm-deep gash...

...Judge Jane Farish ordered destruction of the weapon after checking with Te Rupe that it had no special significance for him or his family. He said he had been making it himself and had not yet finished the carving but did not want it kept..."

(Bold mine)

What the bloody hell is with considering his feelings, regarding the weapon?

Would I get the same consideration if I used by home-made Bowie knife or my antique Webley? (Yes- it is the one on the book cover, on the sidebar)

I somehow doubt it!

Where the hell do they find these judges?

Oh- thats right- out of the pool of lawyers who couldn't make it in the corporate world...

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